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    I'll be showing my age here but my association with Riley's is over 50 years. My memories include Marion s voice booming over katherine playing the piano for the students. The love of dance was encouraged and nourished even then in addition to teaching kindness and respect. When my daughter was born there was never a doubt that she would join the Riley's dance family. She loved her many years at Rileys under Mrs Rileys instruction. Now in her 30s she still thinks about and is proud of her association with the studio. Her 2 girls have been with the studio now for a number of years under the direction of Kate, Brenna and Cassie's talented teachings.  These teachers are the best role models and know and love the art of dance. If your considering getting your child involved with the best, it's Riley's ... there's a reason they have been around for over 75 years. 

    -Michelle (former mom, current grandmother)

    Our daughter, Amy Sloan, took lessons at Rileys starting in 1982, graduating in 1993. She was fortunate to be taught by Mrs. Marion Riley and KT Riley DaSilva. She learned so much during those years, and went on to College in PA to become a teacher. Amy learned dance, poise, self control, discipline and teamwork. She learned to give all she has, 100%, in everything she does. I know that being part of the Rileys family has helped shape the awesome woman she is today. Amy graduated, but her father and I continue to volunteer our help during recitals. We want to help these wonderful teachers and role models if possible so they can continue to shape the future, one child dancer at a time. We have 3 granddaughters who now dance at Rileys, so it became a family tradition for us. Our Bridget graduated this June, but her sisters will continue to dance until they too graduate to College. They will take those same values and disciplines with them.Rileys helps parents to raise good people who value community and helping others along the way.

    -Peggy (former mom, current grandmother, and volunteer)

    Rileys has been a part of my life since I was 2 1/2 yrs old.  Some of my greatest childhood memories were made at this studio.  Now my 2 daughters dance at Riley's.  I could not imagine my kids dancing anywhere else.  The lessons they learn at Rileys is much more than just a dance class, they learn life lessons.   I love how my girls admire and love KT,  Brenna and Cassie, just as I admired and loved Mrs. Riley when I was younger.  The studio is special place, there is a real sense of community and family.  I am proud to be a Riley's alumni and now a Riley's dance mom.

    -Seana (former student, current mom)

    I danced at Riley's for 11 years and loved every minute of it.  Mrs Riley and KT were amazing teachers who taught us so much more than dance.  My 7 year old son is now taking hip hop lessons with Brenna and he absolutely loves it!!  I love how much Riley's gives to our community and we are very proud to be a part of such an amazing village.

    -Melanie (former student, current mom)

    Last year I did some crowdsourcing trying to find the best dance school to sign my, then 2 year old, daughter up with. Riley's came highly recommended and they even let us try out a class for free before making a monthly commitment. My daughter, Adelyn, LOVED her ballet class at Riley's. The class was perfect for her age with a mix of music, dance, gymnastics and play. Beyond just the weekly classes, we love that Riley's is involved in serving the community and instilling solid values into the dancers. Plus, they put on an amazing recital! We recommend Riley's School of Dance to everyone now.

    -Christina (current mom)

     My mother actually danced at Riley's in the late 60s. My introduction at Riley's was early in "mommy and me" sessions at the studio. I took lessons at Riley's from age 3 until 17, the studio was where I spent most of my time aside from school. I was not the "prima ballerina" or ultra competitive dancer but I had fun. Mrs Riley and KT challenged dancers in and out of dance class while fostering their spirit. I have performed on many stages as a musician, received many different awards for academic achievements, all because of the self confidence from the "you CAN do it" atmosphere Riley's provides their Tomorrow's Stars. Brenna and Cassie are continuing on, with KT at the helm, to create something that can only be termed a Legacy. Riley's has fostered generations of dancers, I am proud to be a part of the Legacy. I Am a Riley Girl, forever and always. 

    -Christine (former student)

    Riley's is a second home not only for me but for all who have grown up here. I will forever be grateful for the friendships and values this village has given me. There's no place like Riley's. 

    -Brianna (current student)

    My daughter has gained so much more then dance technic throughout her many years as a student. She has learned confidence, determination, respect, team work, time management, and the importance of hard work. She has also gained a greater sense of compassion for others through the many community events and services supported by Riley's School of Dance.

    -Susan (mom of current student)

    I spent more than twelve years dancing at Riley's. I now live six hours away and have been looking for a dance studio for our daughter that meets my expectations based on my wonderful experiences at Riley's -- I'm still looking! I graduated fourteen years ago and I still get goosebumps walking into the studio to visit and watch the dancers perform because it is a time I wish I could re-live. The joy and friendships that developed and grew under KT's guidance shaped my adolescent life. I can't wait to watch my own child on stage!

    -Shannon (former student)

    Rileys is such an amazing school to learn dance at.  As a former student I have many great memories of recital and the amazing teachers they have.  When my daughter asked to dance I knew Rileys was where she was going to go.  She just started last year at 2 and she absolutely loves it.  She cant wait to get back to class and back on stage at recital.  Kate Dasilva is an amazing teacher who truly cares about her students and the community.  You are not only a student there you are part of village of amazing families.  I highly recommend Rileys.  

    -Jennifer (former student, current mom)

     I absolutely cannot say enough about how great Riley's is! My 6 yr old daughter is entering her 3rd year there and now my 3 yr old daughter is starting as well! My daughter absolutely loves it and is always excited to be there. She has grown so much already and I am so proud to have her dance at the same place I did as a kid, along with my sister and cousin. The recitals are really something to experience- always professional, yet amazing and fun as a spectator, backstage mom and for the kids. The kids all put on such great performances and it shows how hard they work all year to get to that point. The teachers, staff, parents and most of all kids- you couldn't ask for a better village! Thank you!

    -Melissa (mom of current student)


    Isabella has been to many dance schools since the age of 3 but by far Riley's is the best. The teachers go above and beyond to reach each child's potential. The teachers are role models for students by showing them compassion and understanding but most importantly the idea of having grit. Grit is growth mindset which is so important for children to have the ability to learn with enough effort. Everyone helps each other, the staff cares about every child and the idea of just a dance class is non existence. Riley's is not just a dance place to take a class but a place of making children better people. I can't thank you enough for helping my daughter become the best person she can be.

    -Heather (mom of current student)

    I can not say enough wonderful words to describe Riley's School of Dance. Not only did my daughter get a great dance experience, but she learned compassion, caring, and community service through Rileys. It is much more than a just a "Dance Studio" it has become our family."

                                                                   -Kelly (Mom of former student)       

    Riley’s School of Dance is not only a fantastic dance studio but also serves as an example to the students by getting them involved in many community activities and fundraisers. The students learn to give back. The teachers at Riley’s are of the highest caliber and genuinely care about each and every student. Emphasis is not only placed on the technical aspects of dance but also on having fun. The annual recital is the best I have ever attended. I wouldn’t send my daughter to any other dance studio."


                                                       -Donna (Mom of current student)


    I spent more than 10 years as a student at Riley's. It was my primary and favorite extracurricular activity and I wouldn't change it for the world. To this day, whenever I hear a song I danced to at recital, I start doing some of the moves in my head and think about the costumes we wore and my friends. Nights at Riley's were my favorite in high school because I was dancing with friends. KT is a wonderful person and we still keep in touch. I now live in Maryland and visit Riley's each time I'm in town and reminisce about all of my memories."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Shannon (Former Student)
    I love how dancing at Riley's has helped my daughters' confidence continue to grow and grow each year. And it has also given them a lot of opportunities to do things for the community as well. Riley's is a great foundation to help mold the girls into a well rounded person."                                                                                                                                                        - Vicki (Mom of current students)                                                                                  
     Riley's was the biggest part of my life for 15 years and even now that I'm alumni, it still is. Dancing over the years left me with so much more than just good memories, being at Riley's taught me about commitment and how to stick to it, it also gave me the confidence to do anything. If I could erase the years just so I could go back and dance all over again, I certainly would, the opportunities given to me through Riley's School of Dance were amazing. Riley's is my home away from home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Giuli (Riley's alumni)